Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Technology on the Trip

Technology has played a huge part on my trip to the South. The biggest part was Navigon for the iPhone. This trip wouldn't have been as enjoyable and easy without it thus far. It had allowed me to get everywhere and has yet to lead me astray. The iPhone has also played an important part by providing me with the ability to blog on the spot, book hotel rooms, and find places to eat very quickly. I couldn't imagine a trip without a device like this. On another note my Asus Netbook has been a more than ample replacement for my HP laptop and has even helped me kill some time with netflix despite overall poor wifi connections down here.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Earlier today Bill showed me around parts of Nashville and I got to see the replica of the parthanon from the Worlds Fair.

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Little Jimmy Dickens

He was a bit hoarse in voice but as a comedian, he was hilarious.

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The Grand Ole Opry

I finally made it to the Grand Ole Opry.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Site of the 1982 World's Fair

Knoxville TN Worlds Fair Park

This is a picture of the Sunsphere at night. The ironic part about this picture is that this would not have been able to be posted in the same way without one if the inventions from the fair... the touch screen.

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Tennessee Welcomes You with 3G

After a bit of a stint all day on the edge network, I entered Tennessee and was immediately greeted with full bars on a 3G network. I was starting to get worried. I then proceeded to tether my netbook to my iPhone and book a room in Knoxville for the night!

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Andy & Woody

I stopped to see ab old friend in Pulaski,VA. He was glad to have a visitor and an unexpected one at that. Woody is 97 going on 98 this November and is still sharp as a tack!

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Travels with Andy

And so it begins, my week long journey to Nashville TN and back. I started this morning around 8:30 and don't plan on being back until somtime Thursday night or Friday. My first stop is to see an old friend named Woody in Dublin WV bit that's about 3.5 hours away.

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