Saturday, November 21, 2009

MMD v2.0 (Domo Attacks!!!)

Live Stream

Move the Slider below to Make DOMO ATTACK!!!

Move the Slider below to Make Munny ATTACK!!!

MMD v2.0 (Domo ATTACKS!!) was made exaclty the same as version 1.0. I just replaced the duck with Domokun and added the webcam functionality. The trickiest part was getting the webcam setup. I used WebcamXP and posted the code using the HTML generator and then modified the size. Domo is moving using a servo motor connection to an ioBridge. Added functionality in 3.0 will have an iPhone only interface that will allow you to not only watch, but control Domo from the iPhone.


Version 3.0 is now available for the iPhone visit MMDv3 on your iPhone web browser.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Project with My Own ioBridge!

Move the Slider below to Move the Duck!

Just recieved my very own ioBridge in the mail today and what better to do that make a ducky move from the internet!

I hooked up a servo to channel 4 of the ioBridge on channel 1 of the servo board and set the channel as a servo channel. I then added a variable servo control widget to my dashboard and now I can control the ducky's movement back and forth from the web over ethernet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here is my Wall-E pumpkin. I had the idea but stole the design from someone else online! At one point he even had glowing red eyes! He became known as EVIL WALL-E!

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Halloween 2009

My robot costume included a programmable micro controller and a voice changing circuit. It was a hit everywhere I took it and even won first prize in a costume contest!.

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