Thursday, February 11, 2010

snOMG!!!! 2010

Just wanted to say a few things about this whole SNOW STORM! First off, WOW, it was great to see people pulling together to help others out. While stuck inside, I had a chance to look out my window a lot and I saw so many people helping other people dig out and push cars among other things. Pittsburgh as a whole has greatly impressed me, and the amicable neighborliness has never shown brighter than these past few days here in the burgh. Secondly, the city has done a great job, despite taking what seemed a day or two to get to it, they really did a great job, they had a HUGE task in front of them and they handled it like none other. With the help of outside contractors and the help of the National Guard, Pittsburgh will easily recover and dig out of this mess!
All in all, what a great experience despite the hardships!