Friday, March 11, 2011

One year ago...

One year ago, I was living in an apartment on the second floor of a duplex by myself in Brookline a small town just outside of the city of Pittsburgh. I had just started working for Joe at Facilities Survey, I had just purchased my first Macbook Pro and I had yet to find Courey. A lot has changed and a lot has yet to change. In the interim, I have bought a house, been at my job a year now, became overly dependent on all that Apple has convinced me to buy and fallen in love with a girl named Courey.

First off, the house has been a lot of seriously. It has been a lot of work and with a new furnace in and two retaining walls rebuilt, I've been having fun. The house is also somewhat automated with the ability to turn lights on and off from anywhere in the world and also the ability to keep an eye on the driveway. I can also control the thermostat from anywhere and cut back on heating and cooling costs. This summer, I'll be doing a lot in the yard and hopefully cleaning more than once ever 3 months.

Secondly, I've been at my job for a year now. I'm getting better at SQL statements and using our software and support in general. I still don't like working with 1000's of records at a time but I guess thats growing up. I'm anxious to see what I'll be doing this year that I didn't do last year.

Thirdly, I still love my macbook a lot. It's been a work horse this year and has been treating me very well. It's just over a year old and I got Apple Care just in time. I've been sucked into almost every product that Mac has thrown out in the past year because of it. Apple TV, iPad and iPhone 4 are all on my MVP list.

Last but not least, I'm getting married. I've been dating Courey for over 7 months and last Saturday she said yes. We will get married this October in a catholic church with a traditional catholic service/wedding. Then she gets to move into my house. I can't wait! I know it won't all be peaches and candy corn but I'm very excited to embark on this journey with her. I wouldn't want to with anyone else! She has a great family and great friends and I'm anxious to become a greater part in their lives and visa versa.

Who is to say where I will be in a year from now or even a month! But needless to say I am very grateful for all that has happened, and I am excited to see where life will take me next.