Saturday, November 21, 2009

MMD v2.0 (Domo Attacks!!!)

Live Stream

Move the Slider below to Make DOMO ATTACK!!!

Move the Slider below to Make Munny ATTACK!!!

MMD v2.0 (Domo ATTACKS!!) was made exaclty the same as version 1.0. I just replaced the duck with Domokun and added the webcam functionality. The trickiest part was getting the webcam setup. I used WebcamXP and posted the code using the HTML generator and then modified the size. Domo is moving using a servo motor connection to an ioBridge. Added functionality in 3.0 will have an iPhone only interface that will allow you to not only watch, but control Domo from the iPhone.


Version 3.0 is now available for the iPhone visit MMDv3 on your iPhone web browser.


WeakNetLabs said...

Thats awesome!!

Schmarty said...

Andy, you have gone mad with power! This is excellent.

Hans said...

Sweet. Domo scares me, but I can't look away.

Andrew Leer said...

Hey what did I say about dragging my good name though the mud hahah!

Andy Leer said...

Andrew, I think people might start to get confused with all of this andy andrew leer stuff lol :) I say we play it to it's full potential!

Tony No-One said...

Very well done! I couldn't resist gathering the family to "play".