Thursday, March 4, 2010


A lot has happened in the past 4 weeks for me. I thought rather than have to explain it to a large number of people over and over again, I could alleviate some of that with this blog post, some of you might be getting here from the land of twitter, other from the town that is facebook, and others yet from google BUZZZZZ. Regardless, here are the updates.....

1) New computer - I have gone to the dark side and now have a MacBook Pro. I have to say, I'm still getting used to it but I love the adventure. I have a trusty copy of Windows 7 virtualized on it so I'm safe if I run into any WINDOWS ONLY! applications. I also got the Magic Mouse, and must say, it's pretty nice!

2) NEW JOB!!! Although I will be sad to finally leave Duquesne behind, I am happy to start a new adventure with Facilities Survey Inc. out here in Pittsburgh. I will be a "Field Engineer I". I will split my time between traveling and working at home. It will allow me to use some of the knowledge I gained here at Duquesne as a technician, and allow me to keep furthering my skills with multimedia and over all tech support. Facilities Survey Inc. is a company run by Mr. Serwinski.

3)HOUSE!?!?!?! Yup you read it right, I'm settling down for the time being and have put in an offer and had the offer accepted on a house in Churchill, Pittsburgh (more specifically Turtle Creek). It is the house pictured above. Thanks to my great realtor Kaedi Manly, I should be closing on April 30th, 2010. The house is a great little house and the people that live in it now have it done up real nice. Needless to say I am excited. I can turn my amps up to 11 now and now worry about bothering the neighbors.

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Justin said...

That's a pretty nice house! What are the stats? We had a crap-storm when it came to closing on ours, so if you need anyone to vent to about it, I'm here.

Also, Turtle Creek is close to Woodland Hills. We should get beers some night!