Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's been going on...

First things first, I met a girl named Courey...you can ask how we met, and we'll come up with a different story each time if you like. She is great and within two months of knowing her, we've been all over the place. We spent a weekend in Detroit at the Detroit Maker Faire, we spent a weekend in Central PA visiting my parents and grandparents, and finally we spent a weekend in WV at the State fair and having dinner with her parents. It's been a busy few weekends.

As far as work goes, I am about all travelled out, but when there is work to be done, ship me off! I have not been home for more than a few days straight in the past month. I've been on the road a lot for work, and I'm getting to see a lot of amazing places and meet interesting people. More so I'm getting to eat amazing food that I normally would not get to eat. Tonight was a lobster roll and fresh calamari with a view of the ocean at Jimmies of Savin Rock. Last night was the most amazing Chicken and Dumplings at the Southport Brewing Company, I will be going back for more chicken and dumplings.

Music unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat, and I have not had time of recent to do anything crazy. I'm still playing with the the Neon Swing X-Perience and having a great time! Our summer tour had many memories that will not soon be forgotten. I currently have aspirations to start a bluegrass Jam session once a month in Pittsburgh. I have a location scoped out in Mt. Lebanon, I just need to start talking to people and see if there is enough of an interest.

The house is coming along great, as with any house, there are bunch of things that always need worked on. Being away from the house doesn't help with that, but I'm slowly chewing away at my self induced honey-do list. Once the weather cools down a little, I firmly intend to get a bunch of yard work done!

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