Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Knight Rider Fridge! GE Garages 2014 and the FirstBuild Crew

Tim G of GE and Andy Leer of TechShop Pittsburgh worked on a refrigerator for FirstBuild's refrigerator hacking installation at GE Garage's 2014 space. Tim wired up a Raspberry Pi to their LimaBean interface to read commands and state changes from the refrigerator. Once the Raspberry Pi could see the doors open and closing, it was commanded to play a set of MP3's upon open. A set of LED's was put between the freezer and refrigerator doors to simulate the scanning of KIT the car from the iconic series. The LED strip was controlled with an Arduino Uno. Needless to say, this could be one of the most connected fridges you'll ever see. We used a CNC vinyl cutter to create the Knight Industries graphic.

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J-Berg said...

Hey Andy- I was a garages after you, and loved the Knight Rider Fridge! The online FirstBuild platform ( just opened and if you have any other sweet ideas.
Any chance you'll be in Louisville anytime soon?
Also, are you and Tim related?